‘She-Hulk’ Has Completely Botched Its Handling Of Daredevil (So Far) And Fans Are Pissed

Memes: Marvel Fans React To Daredevil Not Being In 'She-Hulk' Yet

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Given that Daredevil has been included in the marketing for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law — hell, he’s been seen in the trailers wearing his suit — using his name in the title of this article is far from a spoiler. And that’s sort of the problem, isn’t it?

Because Marvel and Disney chose to reveal Daredevil’s return in the build-up to the show, fans were not only robbed of the in-the-moment surprise of his unveiling in the show itself but have now been *expecting* him to show up virtually every week, especially after last week’s episode closed with a shot of the Man Without Fear’s iconic horned helmet.

Making matters worse, She-Hulk has been enjoyable in its own right! Had they not teased Daredevil in the trailers, fans wouldn’t be clamoring for him and would just be able to enjoy the series for what it is: a goofy workplace comedy.

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are frustrated with how She-Hulk has handled the introduction of Daredevil

As a result, once Daredevil didn’t show up in this week’s episode — the sixth of season one’s nine episodes — fans were quite understandably annoyed with how Marvel has handled this entire plot point thus far.

One fan pointed out that it’s like “asking” for people to get mad at the show (especially given how wrongly cameo-obsessed most comic book movie fans are):

The first six episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are currently streaming on Disney+, with the following episodes in season one to release on the next three Wednesdays.

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