People Are Doing The #ShellOnChallenge And It’s Really Dumb

The internet does not lack in stupidity and can be found in abundance wherever you look. The newest dumb thing that is going viral on the internet is something called the #ShellOnChallenge. That is where people eat food with the packing still on it or eat fruit with the skin still on. It’s really as dumb as you can imagine.

In the past week, videos started showing up online of people, mostly high school kids, sharing videos on social media of them eating food with the plastic and cardboard packaging. Looking at this with a glass-half-full outlook, this is actually an improvement over the Tide Pod Challenge and the Bird Box Challenge,.

Some kids are consuming pre-packaged foods such as Hostess cupcakes in the plastic wrapper or even carrots in a Ziploc bag. They’re eating plastic. Doctors are warning people not to eat plastic because it is 2019 and people need to be told to not eat plastic. Doctors advise against eating plastic because the BPA in plastic is believed to affect hormones and eve linked to cancers. There are some people who support the Darwinian idea to let these individuals eat all the plastic they want because the Earth is already overpopulated and we need to thin the herd.

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Participants in the Shell On Challenge haven’t enjoyed eating plastic and broadened the challenge to fruit so that they would have to eat a banana or an orange still with the peel on. Here’s a challenge: Don’t do stupid sh*t for approval on social media.

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You could argue that they #ShellOnChallenge isn’t anything new. Tom Hardy did the shell on challenge in 2018’s Venom with lobsters that were alive, competitive eater L.A. Beast performed the challenge by eating 36 raw eggs with the shells in 2013, and in the 1984 movie Splash, Daryl Hannah ate a lobster with the shell still on.

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