Skip Bayless Thinks The Tyreek Hill Trade Is Bad For Both QBs, Says Patrick Mahomes Will Be ‘Exposed’

Skip Bayless Says The Tyreek Hill Trade Is Bad For Both QBs Involved

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  • The Kansas City Chiefs traded wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins.
  • In return, the Chiefs got five draft picks from Miami, including this year’s first-rounder.
  • FS1’s Skip Bayless believes the trade is actually bad for both quarterbacks involved.

On Wednesday, the Kansas City Chiefs shockingly shipped stud wide receiver Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins for a massive package of five draft picks that included a 2022 first-round pick, a 2022 second-round pick, a 2022 fourth-round pick, plus fourth- and sixth-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.

Given the endless cycle of sports media hot takery that we currently exist in, the Tyreek Hill trade provided all the sports talk show of the world with a juicy topic to discuss on Thursday morning. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was Skip Bayless with the hottest take of them all as he claimed on Fox Sport 1’s Undisputed that the Hill trade is, in fact, bad for both quarterbacks — Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Dolphins signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa — as he believes it will expose them both.

Skip Bayless thinks the Tyreek Hill trade will expose Patrick Mahomes and Tua Tagovailoa

“I believe both these quarterbacks are about to be exposed to different degrees,” Bayless said on the Thursday episode of Undisputed. “Mahomes, I’ll say, a little bit but significant bit. And Tua a whole lot. It’s going to be career-threatening for Tua because all of a sudden he’s on the hottest seat in the National Football League. They have done everything they could. They have opened the checkbooks. They have broken the bank.”

While the Patrick Mahomes portion of Skip’s take is absurd — the man already has a Super Bowl title and MVP under his belt before the age of 26-years-old — he does have a point when it comes to Tua, as there are now absolutely no excuses for the third-year Alabama product not to perform.

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