SNL: John Mulvaney Steals The Show In 90s ‘Scream’-Like ‘Chad Horror Movie’ And Willy Wonka-Esque Trip To The ‘Bodega Bathroom’

John Mulvaney hosted SNL this week and did a tremendous job and appeared in some standout sketches.

Pete Davidson returned as his Chad character and this time a psycho killer is on the loose. Davidson and Mulvaney star in a sketch inspired by the slasher thriller movies of the late 90s like Scream, but instead of a hysterical young woman at home being terrorized by a crazed killer, the victim is Chad, and Chad is too chill to get excited for anything… even murder.

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Davidson also appeared in an SNL sketch titled “Bodega Bathroom,” which was equally as frightening as the “Chad Horror Movie. As the title implies, Pete attempts to go to the bathroom at a bodega. Stay for the Willy Wonka spoof as well as other musical renditions from Rent, Little Shop Of Horrors, and Cat, but they are parodies that center around the feces, rats, and cockroaches in a bodega bathroom.

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“Bodega Bathroom” is the sequel to Mulvaney’s “Diner Lobster” skit from last April.

Bill Hader returned to Saturday Night Live to host a game show called What’s That Name, where contestants including Mulaney could win $250,000 if they can name any people in their real lives who they’ve actually met. Several, several times.

Here’s Mulvaney’s stand-up comedy for his SNL monologue.

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