Memes Pour In After Stephen A. Smith Claims He Was Approached To Run For Senate

Memes: Stephen A. Smith Claims He Was Approached To Run For Senate

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  • Stephen A. Smith is one of the most powerful voices in sports media.
  • Smith says a formerly Pennsylvania Governor tried to convince him to use that voice in Washington D.C.
  • SAS says that former Governor Ed Rendell once approached him about running for Senate.

Stephen A. Smith has forged a career that has made his voice one of the most powerful in the world of sports media. His voice has become so widely heard, in fact, that Smith claims former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell once approached the 54-year-old about running for Senate. Smith first began to gain notoriety in the sports media world as a writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer..

Stephen A. Smith says he was once approached about running for the United States Senate

“One time I was approached by Governor Ed Rendell in Pennsylvania: he wanted me to run for Senate. He said ‘You should do it!’ I said, ‘You know, I’m not a liberal. I’m not a conservative either.’ He said, ‘Don’t matter with you — you’re a voice that needs to be heard.’ He told me this about 10 years ago,” Smith said on J.J. Reddick’s podcast.

Naturally, given Smith’s famed outlandishness, Twitter was absolutely loving the idea of Stephen A. Smith taking his argumentative talents to the Senate floor.

Sports world reacts to Stephen A. Smith claiming he was approached about running for Senate

Given the state of some of our country’s congressman and senators, the unfortunate part is that Stephen A. Smith wouldn’t even *remotely* be the most outlandish person on Capitol Hill — not even close.

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