Steve-O Gives Outstanding Sobriety Advice To Bam Margera And Anyone Struggling With Addiction

Bam Margera

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Bam Margera was arrested for DUI earlier this month for DUI after pulling over to talk to cops while he was allegedly intoxicated. This was not only a worrying story because drunk driving is absolutely dangerous to the driver as well as others, but because Bam had said he was sober only a few months ago. After he left jail, Bam’s mom announced that the Jackass star would be heading to rehab. Bam’s family was completely behind him and now he has another person rooting for his recovery – Steve-O.

Steve-O, who knows a thing or two about addiction himself from his own battles with alcohol and drugs, gave some advice on sobriety to his fellow Jackass castmate. TMZ interviewed Steve-O who provided Bam as well as anyone attempting to overcome addiction some sage advice.

“Rehab is like a gym,” Steve-O said. “Just ’cause you’ve got a gym membership doesn’t mean you’re gonna get really fit. It just depends on what you do when you get there.” Steve-O said that the key to his sobriety is following the 12 steps of recovery and being surrounded by a support system of people who can talk him through potentially dangerous behavior. “A lot of people think ‘oh I’ll get my act together cuz I’m having a kid.’ But that’s the thing about the disease of alcoholism. You have no power over it,” Steve-O explained. Steve-O added that to be successful in the road to recovery that one needs to “surrender to the process.”

Bam should definitely take Steve-O’s advice seriously and maybe even consider contacting him for guidance. Steve-O has been sober for nearly a decade after getting clean in 2008. Bam entered a rehab facility in California on Friday. Let’s hope Bam gets the help he needs and is committed to making his life better for himself as well as his son who was born in December.