People Shared Absurd Stories Of Why They’ve Been Fired And Y’all Gotta Stop Drinkin’ On The Job

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A bunch of people took to Twitter to share their outrageous stories of being fired using the hashtag #WhyIGotFired and I expected this to be a bit of a letdown but it turned out to be surprisingly amusing. It’s amazing some of the shit people have done to get themselves fired and it has me reflecting.

I guess I should consider myself fortunate because I’ve never been fired from a job, yet. I came close in college while working at Best Buy when I used my employee discount to buy myself a waterproof camera, and two friends the same camera, before going on a Spring Break trip.

When I came back to school/work the manager pulled me aside with some flagged report that looked like I was abusing the discount policy in another district, which I suppose I was, but at the time I thought the only reason to work at a place like Best Buy was because of the employee discount. I didn’t get fired but they led me to believe that I should’ve been.

Throughout my post-college/adult life I haven’t had too many opportunities to get myself fired because I’ve worked remotely from home for more than 50% of the time. It’s hard to fire me for being drunk on the job when part of my responsibilities here at BroBible is reviewing spirits and wine. I passed out at my desk once for about 5 hours before anyone woke me up. A fireable offense most places but not in our office, at least not that day.

I’ve been lucky enough to dodge the few bullets and rounds of layoffs over the years that went on around me but the people below, not so much. They all got themselves fired, or are relaying the story of someone who got fired.

To be fair, asking Ryan Reynolds for an autograph and getting fired from a restaurant is definitely a valid reason to get fired from a restaurant. I’ve never asked a celebrity for an autograph (outside of baseball) and I don’t see myself ever asking for an autograph, but I respect this girl’s hustle.

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Restaurants always need hard workers and I’m sure it was easy enough to get hired somewhere else. You don’t often get the chance to meet Deadpool and you need to seize that opportunity when it’s in front of you.

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