Terrifying Footage Of A Plane Aborting Its Landing As Storm Ali’s High Winds Wreak Havoc On The UK

Storm Ali Wind Damage Plane Landing

Getty Image

Storm Ali has been pummelling the United Kingdom with its intensely high winds causing a reported 186,000-plus homes, businesses and farms to be without power.

It is mostly due to the many fallen trees that have been knocking down power lines.

In addition to electricity, cell phone service, ferries, bridges, and flights have all been disrupted due to the bad weather which has seen wind gusts reach a speed of over 90 mph.

And as the video from Dublin Airport below shows, Storm Ali has been causing some very frightening attempts at plane landings.

What are the chances that the people on that flight ever fly again? Heck, I don’t want to fly ever again after just watching that plane land.

Then again, they could have been aboard this cruise ship that came loose from its berth and was getting blown around on the water.

The winds have also caused several accidents involving high-profle vehicles like semis and caused extensive damage to buildings and property.

This even happened…

Okay, not really, but this did. Seriously…

Pretty sure that lawn is either going to be spotless or covered in more debris than a leaf blower can handle by the time Storm Ali gets done with her fury.

Stay safe out there, Brits.