The Story Behind Charlize Theron’s Emotionally Intense Scene In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Is Very Cool

by 12 months ago
Story Behind Furiosa Scream Mad Max

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The story behind the filming of one of the coolest scenes in one of the coolest movies, Mad Max: Fury Road, when Charlize Theron as Furiosa falls to her knees and screams in the desert is also pretty damn cool.

The scene, which takes place after about an hour-and-a-half of non-stop post-apocalyptic mayhem, brings the whole story together when Furiosa realizes that the home she was stolen from, the “Green Place of the Many Mothers,” no longer exists.

Here’s a quick refresher of what that realization looked like on film…

Now, Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller, revealed to Entertainment Weekly how luck and Charlize Theron‘s tremendous acting skill made that scene truly stand out among the carnage and craziness of the film.

But first, some background…

Miller did not write a script for Fury Road, but rather storyboarded the action from start to finish. For this scene, however, his plan was sketchy — he only knew he wanted Furisoa to take a moment for herself, and that he would shoot her reaction from a distance. Yet on the day of shooting, the African desert wind had become so strong it threatened to ruin any take.

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