If You’ve Ever Pissed Off Your Boss This Story From A Hollywood Talent Agent Will Make You Feel Better

Mad female boss showing gestures to employees

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Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. This is something we’re told from the earliest ages when our teachers encourage us with phrases like ‘there are no stupid questions’ and anecdotes about how we learn from failure.

The older we get the more glaringly obvious it becomes that everyone f*cks up at some point or another, regardless of how careful they are. In school, we see this when people forget their homework or don’t remember to study for an exam. If you’re like me, then you might show up on the entirely wrong day to take a midterm in college because you only went to class on the first day to get the syllabus and on day 2 the teacher handed out a new syllabus with different test dates.

Once we hit the workplace, this is where we really bear witness to some royal f*ckups. This probably happens because those screwups often affect us directly in the workplace if its someone on our team. Or because the workplace is gossip-y as hell. Still, even the best worker makes minor (or major) mistakes at some point.

Now, if you’ve ever messed up at school, life, or work then this is a story you need to read. It spans quite a few tweets. I came across this thread while falling asleep last night and I’m very glad I stayed for the punchline because it was perfect. Sit, back, relax, and enjoy the read:

So every boss ever, right?

Why would you ever want to work for someone like that? Does being a talent agent really pay that well?

It was at this point I started to become worried I was reading an elaborate Devil Wears Prada joke but it’s not, and it’s real, and funny.

It’s all about the build up.

Oh shit.

Getting nervous for everyone.

Brilliant idea. I hope it works.

Everything going as planned. This could totally end well, totally.

The suspense is killing me.

My god. What a fuck up. Also, how do you work on someone’s desk for six months and not realize the picture was of her mom. Furthermore, someone in the tweet replies sent this. A tweet claiming Susan and her mom hated each other.

This was quite literally THE PERFECT mistake. The egomaniacal woman who despised her mother didn’t get thanked but her mom did. Amazing.

Sadly, we don’t get to hear whether or not the girl quit on the spot, lost her job, stayed on and was forgiven, or how it all ended.

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