Here Are The Easter Eggs You Might’ve Missed In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

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Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7 The Lost Sister Explanation


This is my obligatory ‘if you haven’t finished watching Stranger Things Season 2 yet there are spoilers ahead’ notice. This is about all of the hidden easter eggs throughout Stranger Things 2, and that means we’ll be looking at the entire season and not just the first episode. So, if you’re not done binge-watching Season 2 yet and don’t want anything spoiled you might want to head out and/or bookmark this for later….Moving on.

One of the things that makes Netflix’s Stranger Things series so good is the layers upon layers of nostalgia, 80’s references, and easter eggs that are hidden throughout. Season 1 blew everyone away with all of the nods to iconic 70’s and 80’s Sci-Fi and Horror films. We all expected to see more of the same in Season 2 and the Duffer brothers delivered:

This clip from the Looper YouTube channel takes a look at *most* of the easter eggs hidden throughout Stranger Things 2. As they point out in the beginning of the video, it would’ve been just as fast to list every single possible reference because there are so many of them. Instead, they dove deep on the awesome easter eggs you *might’ve* missed. I don’t want to list all of the easter eggs here because that’s be jacking Looper’s video, so I’ll just stop rambling and let you bros watch the video.

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