This New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Fan Theory About Who ‘The American’ Is Would Be A Game-Changer

New Stranger Things Season 4 Fan Theory About Who The American Is


When it comes to fan theories, there are three franchises that have stood above all other shows and movies: Game of Thrones, Avengers, and Stranger Things.

And now that two of those three are no longer currently in production, the Netflix juggernaut has theorists going into overdrive trying to figure out what is going to happen in season four.

It doesn’t hurt that Stranger Things ended season three with a MASSIVE cliffhanger that lent itself to all sorts of speculation by fans of the show.

Potential spoilers ahead. Duh.

So far, the best fan theories we’ve seen about the fourth season of Stranger Things are…

Eleven becomes the villain in the fourth season
Eleven causes the Chernobyl disaster in season four
Chief Hopper is “The American”
Billy is “The American”

Each one of those fan theories is 100% plausible and would all be tremendous twists in a show chock full of them.

But wait, there’s more.

What if “The American” isn’t Hopper OR Billy? Who could it be then? Here’s another not-so-crazy theory. Take it away Reddit user kony_stark!

“I believe that the American that the Russians mentioned in the mid credit scene is actually Dr. Brenner, AKA Papa from season 1. He was confirmed alive in season 2 and I believe the Russians have been using him for his science in their attempt to access the Upside Down,” he writes.

He also believes there is a hint hidden in the song that caused Hopper and Billy’s deaths, thanks to Dustin’s stupid girlfriend Suzie.

“Make believe I’m everywhere
Given in the light
Written on the pages
Is the answer to a never ending story”

This is about the note that Hopper wrote to El. “written in the pages” is a reference to what Hopper actually wrote in the note to her. He mentions that he wishes he could turn back time and go back to the beginning. This is where Dr. Brenner comes into play. He is the beginning, he created the Hawkins Laboratory where El was created and knows all the secrets and science to access the Upside Down. He also tells her to “keep the door open 3 inches”. When Joyce turned the key off and the military saw the gate to the upside down, it wasn’t completely closed and light was still shining through, meaning there is still access to the Upside Down. Also, it should be noted that the same song that played in the background of the note reading is the same song that played in season 1 when they discovered Will’s fake dead body. It was used for one fake death, why couldn’t it be used for another.

“Rhymes that keep their secrets
Will unfold behind the clouds
And there upon a rainbow
Is the answer to a never ending story”

Secrets. Well the biggest secret for the longest time was the Hawkins Laboratory that was run by Dr. Brenner and his team, and the birth place of El, and what was her favorite thing about the Lab? THE RAINBOW ROOM. The rainbow room played such importance in season 2 because it was where her and her sister Eight used to play and built their first relationship in. This could be key to both Brenner and Eight making a return to season 4.

Stranger Things Season 4 Fan Theory About Who The American Is



Also, let’s not just gloss over his theory that Hopper jumped into the Upside Down, is still alive, and explains why he vanished from the room following the explosion, because there is no way they really killed him off, right?

The door to the Upside Down was still open at least three inches when Joyce flipped the switches, after all.

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