These New ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Fan Theories About Billy Would Be Amazing Twists If True

New Stranger Things Season 4 Fan Theories About Billy Hargrove


Viewers of Stranger Things don’t even have an idea of when season 4 of the hit Netflix series will be released, but that isn’t slowing any of them down when it comes to coming up with some tremendous fan theories about which direction the show will go next.

If, for some reason, directors Matt and Ross Duffer and/or producer Shawn Levy are still in need of some good ideas for season 4 of Stranger Things, the plots that fans have come up with so far sound fantastic.

For instance, a fan theory that sees Eleven become the villain in Season 4 is not only plausible, it would be a definite must-watch.

Another scenario fans came up with would see Eleven causing the Chernobyl disaster in the fourth season of Stranger Things, and we would be 100 percent down to watch that.

David Harbour and Millie Bobby Brown have also strongly hinted that the death of a Stranger Things character may not stick. Everyone just assumes they are referring to Chief Jim Hopper because, well, no one wants him to be dead, but what if they are just gaslighting us and he isn’t the character about which they’ve been hinting?

What if… it’s Billy?

Takea look at this line of thinking from Reddit user mermaidparties.

Billy does seem to be explicitly different from the other flayed. Not just in standing up to the Mindflayer, but we never see him melt down into goop and help create the Mindflaye’s physical form; even when he’s recruiting and brainwashing other people for that exact purpose, we never see Billy become part of the MF. I think he served as the Mindflaye’s ‘inside man’, its most important vessel that it kept mostly human so Billy would be able to do things the other flayed couldn’t, and it didn’t want any damage to come to Billy unless absolutely necessary. Alternatively, maybe that’s why it tried to kill him once he stood up to it — being a ‘special’ flayed, only Billy had a chance of destroying it. SOOO, with that in mind, running with your theory of Billy being the American, I would say that’s possible due to having special healing abilities from being a ‘special’ flayed. The main cast left when they assumed he was dead, he ‘came back to life’ after his flayed abilities healed him. He regained consciousness right as the Russians returned to clear out the evidence, and they captured him.

ALTERNATIVELY, Billy is the…. demogorgon. Maybe humans, when exposed to things from the upside down for long enough, or in a high enough dosage, eventually transform into demogorgons. He had transformed by the time the Russians showed up, and they captured him, which explains how they came into posession of a demogorgon despite their inability to open up a gate on their side of the world.

I know, right?

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Here’s another one for you from Redditor xanshue

What if at the end of S3 the “American” was Billy? When Billy went to the upside down he saw a clone of himself, perhaps they somehow switched places and Billy escaped by creating a new gate somehow. It would explain how that demodog was alive in the Russian lab as well. I don’t see how it would be Dr. Brenner because Joyce would’ve mentioned him being kidnapped by Russians. Also, the ending of S3 (Hopper’s note), was really sad and I don’t think Netflix would just bring him back. I would like for him to come back, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. There is also the fact the US troops breached the Russian lab so they would’ve found Hopper. Unless the Russians came back to check on the lab, maybe?

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According to Production Weekly, season 4 of Stranger Things is to begin filming this October, which could mean the we will get our next fix in late fall/early winter of 2020.

Will any of these fan theories come true? It ceratinly wouldn’t be terrible if a few of them did.

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