Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp, And Shawn Levy Shared More About ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

Stranger Things Season 3 Panel FYSee

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Stranger Things stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp, as well as director Shawn Levy and casting director Carmen Cuba, talked a little more about what we can expect in season 3 durng the show’s panel at this year’s Netflix FYSee event.

We have already learned several bits of juicy information regarding Stranger Things season 3, including the fact that unlike season 2, which only jumped ahead about a year after the first season ended, season 3 will jump ahead even more from the end of the second season.

Ross Duffer, one of the creators of the show, told Yahoo! way back in November of 2017, “It will have to be somewhat of a time gap, because the kids are, I mean, they already look so much older. No matter what we want to do, I remember when we were originally talking about Season 2, we wanted to just start it in Christmas and just go from there, but then we realized the kids are just too old, so we had to jump forward. Even the latest trailer, we had to loop a line with Caleb. He sounds like a man now. It creeps me out. He’s going to be driving to set next year.”

During the panel at FYSee, despite Levy calling himself, Brown and Schapp a “trifecta of spoiler risks” they didn’t let slip any real spoilers, but they did give us a little more insight on the development of the upcoming season.

Schnapp, aka Will Byers, told Variety, “Season 1, I feel like, was more playful. Season 2 was a lot darker. And then Season 3 does really well blending them together, and that’s what I love about it.”

Meanwhile, Brown had this to say about her character Eleven, “It’s a beautiful storyline for Eleven this season. It’s really a coming of age for her and understanding what being a normal teenage girl is.”

Later, during the panel, Brown shared some of what she learned playing Eleven in season 2 and how it will translate into future episodes.

“I found another side of my acting that I didn’t know about,” explained Brown. “I found techniques on how to cry and how to get angry, and I learned so much from Eleven, from those episodes of being isolated, that when I’m back season 3, things happen — stranger things happen. I’m just saying I use that style of acting now and my method of acting for season 3.”

Also during the panel, casting director Carmen Cuba briefly discussed one of the new additions to the Stranger Things family for season 3, Maya Thurman-Hawke. (Sorry Bob and Mews. Miss you!)

“I enjoy that they enjoy [the casting process], so it was fun, but the whole time I was like, they better pick Maya Hawke,” Cuba told the panel audience. “What’s great about her is — just like these kids and the other ones — is that she’s just an individual. There’s not another human on this earth like Maya Hawke.”

I’m sure her parents both being famous actors had nothing at all to do with her getting the job.

Hawke will be playing Robin, an “alternative girl” bored with her job until she stumbles onto one of the secrets of Hawkins.

Other new additions to the cast for season 3 that have been announced are Cary Elwes as Hawkins’ Mayor Kline, Jake Busey as Bruce, a journalist for The Hawkins Post, and Francesca Reale as Heather, a popular lifeguard at the Hawkins Community Pool.

No official release date for Stranger Things season 3 has been announced yet.