New Study Reveals Our Biggest Office Holiday Party Regrets — See If Any Of These Sound Familiar

New Study Reveals Our Biggest Office Holiday Party Regrets


‘Tis the season for merriment, joy, and of course, annual holiday office parties. Did you go to yours? Was it fun? Do anything you regret? Bet you did! And if you didn’t, why not?

I only ask all of this because a new study by the folks over at Four Loko reveals that there may be more dread and/or shame attached to the annual event than we realize.

To understand all of the emotions surrounding company holiday parties, they surveyed 2,000 working Americans about their fears, anticipations and anxieties regarding their holiday office parties and the findings may surprise you (or they may not, like, at all – and if so, we definitely want to party with you sometime).

Some highlights…

• 1-in-4 have done something they regret at a work holiday event. (Seems low.)

• 41% know a coworker who has “hooked up” at a company party. (Also seems low.)

• 1-in-10 has been reprimanded for their behavior. (Again, low.)

• 7% got in trouble with the law after their company party. (LOW!)

• 36% witnessed their boss embarrass themselves. (Probably about right, yes?)

Check out the rest of the results of Four Loko’s holiday office party study below…

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