New Study Reveals Which Cities Are Home To The Most Thirst Trapping Instagram Photos

New Study Reveals Which Cities Are Home To The Most Thirst Trapping


Which city has the most thirst trappers? An analysis of more than 50,000 Instagram photos in the 50 largest U.S. cities and 10 foreign cities by the team behind Four Loko aimed to find out.

This new study analyzed which city posts the most photos with the most skin (revealing abs, belly buttons, butts, etc.) or were featured people clothed yet still flaunting a particular body part. Basically, anything that falls under the definition of a thirst trap: a sexy photo posted on social media to attract attention.

In addition to that, they also checked Instagram hashtags like #absoglutely, #thatbodytho, and #impliednudity.

Sounds like a grueling undertaking. (I wonder if they are looking for new people to conduct similar studies.)

Here’s what they discovered…

• Miami finished with the most racy Instagram posts with 36 per 1,000
• Los Angeles came in second with 26 per 1,000 Instagram posts
• Houston and San Jose tied for third at a rate of 22 per 1,000
• Tampa and Denver rounded out the top five at 19 per 1,000
• Of the 50 US cities analyzed, San Francisco was last with 4 per 1,000
• Milwaukee, Buffalo, and Memphis were all under 8 racy posts per 1,000
• Internationally, the most thirst trapping cities analyzed were Rio (39) and Sydney (20).

Check out the complete results of the study below…


What constitutes a thirst trap? We started by deciding a true “thirst trap” should be more provocative than a generally sexy image. In most cases, the qualifier for this was a considerable display of skin (revealing abs, belly buttons, butts, and close-ups of legs or breasts). We also counted images where the body is clothed in a normal manner but the subject is clearly flaunting a particular body part (most common example being an over-the-shoulder booty shot at the gym).

What pictures were excluded? There were four main types of posts that satisfied initial requirements of being thirst traps, but were ultimately disqualified.

Action shots
It was difficult to determine when someone lifting weights or practicing yoga was primarily thirst trapping or celebrating a hobby. So, we disqualified any pictures where the subject was actively doing something other than being photographed.

Erotic services
In every city we analyzed there was some contingent of people posting sexy pictures as advertisements. Most of these people worked in adult entertainment via dancing, pornography or escort services. These posts were excluded.

Professional photographers and artists
Naturally, many photographers advertise on Instagram by posting examples of their work. If a provocative image was posted by a professional photographer, it was excluded. And, if we determined a provocative photograph was taken as an artistic expression rather than a blatant thirst trap, that too was excluded.