Super smart guy shaves all his body hair to avoid follicle drug test

Roberto De Paz thought he had a fool proof plan to beat a court-ordered follicle drug test. Aaaand then he got sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Man shaving image by Shutterstock

The Long Island, N.Y. man was ordered to submit his hair to a testing facility by a judge as part of an ongoing custody battle with an ex-lover, Delilah Smith. De Paz and Smith were both ordered to both provide receipts showing that they submitted to the test.

A month later, De Paz had yet to submit proof that he underwent the test and was given one more week to get it done. At Smith’s request, her lawyers asked the judge to bar De Paz from cutting his hair again until the follicle test was done.

The lawyer laughed off the request, saying that testers would find a hair on him one way or another.

De Paz went in for his test shortly thereafter with one small problem: He shaved every hair on his body.

The judge ruled De Paz in contempt of court for his actions and ordered him to be locked up for 90 days.

An appeals court overturned the ruling after on the grounds that De Paz did not technically violate the judge’s edict.

It’s easy to talk a big game when it comes to parenting. But nothing shows a willingness to get down and dirty in the way a loving parent truly has to more than putting a razor to your taint until every last hair is gone. Actions speak louder than words, after all.