First-Look At Supergirl’s Costume In ‘The Flash’ Has Direct Ties To Henry Cavill’s Superman


Warner Bros.

Regardless of whether it’s good or bad — and given the track record of the DCEU thus far, you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s going to trend towards the latter — 2022’s The Flash is going to upend the very fabric of the franchise as it introduces the concept of the multiverse.

Similar to what’s going on in Loki over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Flash is going to set the franchise on an entirely new course and it establishes the concept of the multiverse, and therefore, multiple timelines that feature different interactions of the same character.

We know this, of course, because reports have long indicated that both Ben Affleck’s Batman AND Michael Keaton’s would appear in the film, with Keaton’s Batman specifically set to have an influential role. Ezra Miller’s Flash and the Brothers Batman aren’t the only DC superheroes set to appear in the film, as newcomer Sasha Calle will also be making her debut as Supergirl.

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In a recent Instagram post, director Andy Muschietti unveiled the first look at Supergirl’s costume, revealing that her Supergirl symbol is the exact same one sported by Henry Cavill’s Superman ever since Man of Steel.

What makes this so fascinating, of course, is the uncertain future of Henry Cavill’s Superman, as recent reports indicate that Warner Bros. is planning to reboot the franchise with a Black version of Superman. Ta-Nehisi Coates is penning the script and Warner Bros. is reportedly looking for a Black director to helm the film. Given the upcoming introduction of the multiverse, there’s certainly room for both versions of the character to exist, although I doubt that’s the route Warner Bros. ultimately goes down.

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