New Survey Reveals The Company Techies Want To Work For Most And It’s Not Apple, Google Or Microsoft

Survey Company Techies Want Work For Most


A new survey conducted by has revealed the company techies want to work for most and surprisingly it’s not Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay or even Microsoft. Any guesses? I bet if you just “chill” a little bit you can figure it out.

Even though Facebook significantly outpays other Bay Area tech employers it didn’t even land in the top 10.

Nor did well-known tech companies like Twitter, eBay, Yelp, Dell, Electronic Arts, Intel, GoPro, Pinterest, SnapChat, Lyft, Adobe, Oracle or Cisco.

Crazy, right?


To gain a deeper understanding of what people value in a potential employer, we asked our marketplace of tech talent to rank the companies they’d most like to work for. We provided candidates with a list of companies to choose from, and they ranked their interest in working at each company on a five point scale (and offered a sixth option if they had never heard of the company). Companies with a larger number of candidates selecting the top two scores earned a higher ranking, or a higher brand positivity index.

So who took home the top spot for techies’most desirable company to work for in 2018?

Survey Company Techies Want Work For Most


Netflix, which moved up from being ranked in fifth place in 2017, is the company techies’ most want to work for in 2018, followed by Google and Tesla.

Wonder if the fact that Netflix tied with Lyft for the tech company where employees consume the most cannabis had anything to do with them being number one? Surely not, right?

Netflix also fared well on the list of the Silicon Valley tech companies with the longest average length of employment. (Which isn’t saying much – they came in seventh at 3.1 years – but it’s still a fact.)

Here are the top 25 companies tech workers said they would most like to work for, along with their Brand Positivity Index score.

1. Netflix – 86
2. Google – 83
3. Tesla – 73
4. SpaceX – 72
5. Airbnb – 72
6. Apple – 70
7. Microsoft – 70
8. LinkedIn – 70
9. Amazon – 69
10. Hulu – 65
11. The Walt Disney Company – 64
12. Slack – 63
13. Facebook – 63
14. Dropbox – 61
15. Github – 60
16. Lyft – 59
17. Kickstarter – 58
18. Square – 53
19. Vimeo – 52
20. Zillow Group – 51
21. Jet Propulsion Laboratory – 50
22. Virgin Hyperloop One – 49
23. Virgin Galactic – 49
24. Blizzard Entertainment – 47
25. DeepMind – 47

The survey also asked technology workers to pick the most important factors they consider when looking for a job or evaluating an offer. They were compensation and benefits (55%); company culture (45%), opportunity to learn new skills (40%); challenging technical problems to solve (29%); and the members of the team in the job under consideration (27%).

As for why these same employees choose to leave a job, they cited seeking a higher base salary (74%), new challenges and problems to solve (64%), a better location and commute (40%), not feeling valued by their manager (37%), and a higher title (28%).

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