Terrell Owens Quit MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ After CT Called Him Out For Going Bankrupt

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Well that was fast. Less than one week after Chris “C.T.” Tamburello embarrassed Terrell Owens on national television for blowing through the insurmountable amount of wealth he earned during his 15-year NFL career, the perpetually controversial former wide receiver has quit MTV’S Champs vs. Stars.

T.O. made an estimated $80 million in career earnings, burning nearly all of it through $44,600-a-month child support payments, losing millions in the real estate crash and even being fleeced by his own friend in an embezzling scheme.

That is precisely why T.O. decided to join the cast of Champs vs. Stars, for the money. CT, the annual house tough guy who will be participating in these challenges when he’s walking with a cane, brought that sad fact up during a tense house meeting. It almost came to blows.

After the altercation, Owens walked away, telling an executive producer:

“I don’t mind performing, doing what I need to for the sake of the show, but that in there I did not tolerate.”

The next segment, which Owens was absent for, featured host The Miz reminding everyone that the teams were playing for charity. He then informed the group that T.O. had quit the competition.

Insert Johnny Bananas twisting the knife…

“So you’re saying we did what multiple NFL teams couldn’t do and that’s get rid of him. That’s impressive.”

Quitting after being insulted is one thing, quitting on a charity is a whole other beast. The interwebs flooded Owens’ mentions.

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