Video Captures Tesla Crashing Into Pricey Private Jet While On Autopilot At Aviation Show

Tesla On Autopilot Crashes Into $3M Private Jet At Aviation Show (Video)


  • Yet another Tesla ended up at the center of a crash courtesy of some technology that left a bit to be desired
  • Video captured the vehicle colliding with a jet at an aviation show after being summoned by its owner
  • Read more about the company here

People have spent centuries painting a fairly ambitious portrait of the future, and while it’s not exactly shocking that the movies, television shows, and other works that attempted to envision what the planet would look like by this point in the 21st century missed the mark on most of their predictions, it’s still pretty hard not to be incredibly underwhelmed by our current reality compared to the one it felt we were promised.

The fact that the ubiquitous nature of video calls is really the only major prophecy from Back to the Future Part II that was realized is a testament to just how much we’re missing out on in a world where hoverboards, self-drying clothes, and flying cars still feel like figments of the imagination.

With that said, there’s no shortage of people who’ve done what they can to usher in a new era. That includes Elon Musk, who spent years cultivating a reputation as a technocratic visionary with a mind overflowing with ideas to revolutionize the automobile industry, space travel, and more. However, it’s safe to say the execution has left a bit to be desired.

After all, we’re talking about a guy who not only predicted SpaceX would travel to Mars in 2019 but had the potential to colonize the Red Planet by 2024. Of course, his companies have still managed to make some impressive strides and spawned some noteworthy innovations, but they’ve also taught us the future is much buggier than we’ve been led to believe.

You don’t have to do too much digging to find stories highlighting the downsides of the Autopilot option that has turned some Tesla owners into former Tesla owners, and the brand’s “Smart Summon” feature—which drivers can use to bring their car to them (and repo agents can harness to make their job infinitely easier)—caused some similarly dicey situations when the beta was unveiled in 2019.

It would appear Tesla is still working out the kinks for that particular technology based on what recently unfolded during an aviation show that was temporarily derailed after a summoned Model Y crashed into a jet it somehow failed to detect while en route to its owner.

According to the Reddit user who posted the video, the crash occurred during a Cirrus Aircraft showcase, and the eyewitness claimed the Vision jet the Tesla struck was the most expensive model on display with a retail value of $3.5 million.