A Frat In Texas Dropped $7,500 To Stock Up On White Claw As America Grapples With A National Shortage

white claw shortage

White Claw

Last week, people across America freaked out when the makers of White Claw announced they were dealing with a shortage thanks to the surge in popularity the drink experience over the summer that resulted in the hard seltzer managing to outsell virtually every craft beer on the market.

The rise of White Claw inspired other companies to get in on the action, as Natty Light quickly entered the space just before PBR blew up their spot by announcing they were releasing the booziest hard seltzer on the market (assuming Four Loko doesn’t follow in their footsteps).

I personally haven’t experienced the impact of the alleged White Claw shortage, as I’ve visited a number of places that seem to have an ample supply on hand (part of me thinks the company’s announcement may have been a marketing stunt to drum up more sales).

However, there’s one group of people that apparently isn’t taking any chances, as a Twitter user recently revealed a frat in Texas visited a H-E-B store in Austin and dropped a whopping $7,500 to ensure they won’t run out of the drink any time soon.

Back when Four Loko whipped the nation into a tizzy, me and my roommates pooled our money together to purchase a few cases of the drink and managed to make a solid profit selling the caffeinated version after the makers were forced to remove the stimulant so it wouldn’t shock me if the frat is hoping to flip these by contributing to the shortage.

Sure, it might not be legal, but everyone knows there are no laws when you’re drinking Claws.

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