America Is Running Out Of White Claw At An Alarming Rate So Stock Up While You Still Can

white claw shortage

White Claw

At the risk of coming off as That Guy, I’m pretty proud of myself for hopping on the hard seltzer bandwagon a couple of years ago before the drink absolutely blew up over the summer thanks in no small part to the rise of White Claw and the lack of laws that come along with drinking it.

A couple of months ago, we learned White Claw had surpassed virtually every craft beer in existence as far as sales are concerned and other companies were quick to jump aboard the bandwagon, with Natty Light throwing  its hat in the ring and PBR introducing the booziest hard seltzer on the market (although there are rumors Four Loko is preparing to give them a run for their money).

However, if you happen to be a White Claw loyalist, I may have some bad news for you, as CNN reports America is currently facing a shortage of the drink thanks to its unanticipated meteoric rise.

The outlet spoke with White Claw’s vice president of marketing, who says the company is currently doing everything in its power to keep up with the insane demand and trying to figure out a way to ramp up production as it rations out its remaining supply to distributors across the country.

White Claw may have been the official drink of the summer but only time will tell if it will continue to dominate as much as it has as we head into the cooler months.

With that said, it might be time to stock up while you still can.

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