‘The Mountain’ Hafthor Bjornsson Lost Over 100 Pounds, Reveals New Diet To Get Shredded

Game of Thrones actor and stongman Hafthor "Thor" Bjornsson AKA The Mountain lost over 100 pounds and is shredded.

Getty Image / Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

While everyone was putting on weight gains during the lockdown, Hafthor Bjornsson AKA The Mountain from Game of Thrones, was busy getting shredded. Thanks to The Mountain’s diet, he made an incredible body transformation by dropping over 100 pounds.

Bjornsson is much leaner these days than when he famously portrayed Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane in the HBO drama Game of Thrones. The former World’s Strongest Man retired from strongman competitions in 2020, and now doesn’t need to eat like he used to. In 2019, Bjornsson would consume a belly-busting 12,000 calories a day to have enough fuel to deadlift over 1,000 pounds.

The Mountain has different fitness goals now, most notably his venture into boxing. Bjornsson revealed that he lost 110 pounds thanks to The Mountain’s diet, going from 451 pounds to a svelte 341 pounds. The 6-foot-9-inch behemoth from Iceland got leaner, but still has the muscles and strength to crush a human’s skull.

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In a new YouTube video, Hafthor Bjornsson’s diet was revealed, which enabled him to get leaner and meaner. The Mountain eats the same extremely lean and regimented meals every single day.

For breakfast, he starts out with three eggs, chicken, a smoothie made with strawberries, blueberries, Greek yogurt, and oats. For meal number two, Thor pounds tenderloin beef, white rice, and green vegetables. Then for meal number three in The Mountain’s diet, he downs chicken, potatoes, and green vegetables. For meal number four, The Mountain consumes salmon, green vegetables, and rice. For his fifth and final meal, he eats a bowl of Greek yogurt with almond butter, and bananas, which he washes it down with a whey protein shake.

Bjornsson lost the weight to get in fighting shape for a boxing match against fellow strongman Eddie “The Beast” Hall. The Beast, who is a former World’s Strongest Man, also made an incredible body transformation. Hall lost 80 pounds in 2019, which he credits an improved diet and rigorous exercise regimen.

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