In Contrast With All The Incredible 9/11 Tributes, Let’s Remember The Impossibly Cheesy Scene About Killing Osama From HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’


Feed me any and all 9/11 tributes, Man in the Red Bandana videos, remembrances of the victims, exhaustive details of SEAL Team 6 taking out Osama. I want it all.

Except this scene from The Newsroom.

I started watching the Emmy-award winning HBO show in season one, but stopped after I ran out of adderall. I get it Aaron Sorkin, you and your turtle-shelled glasses are smarter than me. I surrender to your admirably sharp wit.

Evidently, I stopped before the seventh episode of season 1, premiering in 2012, because I would have picketed outside the HBO studios if I saw this cringeworthy scene in real time. Was there a writers strike? Or a raffle where a Newsroom fan got to write an episode? That is the only explanation for this.

“We reported the news.” *swigs Pepsi* “And it feels as good as an ice cold Pepsi. Available anywhere soft drinks are served.”

Full disclosure: I’ve actually heard The Newsroom was a good show, save for a few of these self-indulgent scenes, but for now, every American can unite in standing up against cinematic crimes of this nature.

I reported the news.