‘The Office’ Showrunner Says He’s Considered Turning An Unused Season 1 Script Into A Reunion Show

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Essentially ever since it went off the air, fans of The Office have been clamoring for some sort of reboot or reunion show.

Arguably the most popular comedy of the last 20 years, The Office concluded its nine-season run back in 2013. Since then, much of the series’ cast has gone on to become stars, particularly its two leads, Steve Carell and John Krasinski.

However, despite how busy the cast may be and the fact that it’s only been seven years since the show went off the air, showrunner Greg Daniels recently told IGN that he and Steve Carell have joked about turning an unused Season 1 script into a reunion show, especially considering the upcoming launch of NBC’s streaming service Peacock.

“It’s so personally satisfying for me to work with Steve again, and I have talked with Steve about the fact that in a year or so we’re gonna start on Peacock as a rerun and I’m sure that they would love something, some sort of a… something,” Daniels said.

“I’m a little reluctant to open up the characters’ endings because we wrote specifically to an ending, but as we hang around we sometimes think about [it]. And there is a script that was written in Season 1; there was an extra script written that was never shot, called ‘Pet Day,’ so I don’t know, sometimes we joke around about gathering to do Pet Day.” [via IGN]

With a Parks and Rec “reunion” airing this week and a Friends reunion heading to HBO Max, it’s likely only a matter of time until Daniels, Steve Carell and the rest of The Office gang give into the temptation of a reunion show.

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