After Two Illustrious Years, The RompHim Is No More

Sad day for men everywhere. The RompHim went viral in 2017. It kicked up internet waves more for its name than for the design. These days, when you put a masculine pronoun in a brand name, it… well, bold move Cotton. The name elicited reactions that ranged from gag reflexes to calls to “ban men.” It didn’t help that these dudes just took a woman’s clothing design and put it on dudes. Talk about cultural appropriation!

Still, the day RompHim announced themselves was a great day. It was mid-May, on the eve of summer, and a lot of guys who saw these things thought huh. That looks kinda fun. 

In the end, I heard they weren’t very comfortable. Otherwise, I would have bought one ironically but then I would have worn it unironically.

Ah, to look back…