Humans Created Robot Doctors And They Did Surgery On A Grape, The Internet Made Hilarious Memes



They did surgery on a grape. They did what now? They did surgery on a grape. It’s true. Robot doctors did surgery on a grape. While the actual operation on the fruit happened years ago, the internet resurfaced the peculiar procedure and turned grape surgery into memes as fine as an aged wine.

Surgeons at Edward Hospital in Naperville, Illinois used the da Vinci Surgical System, which costs nearly $2 million. To practice their robotic doctor skills they used fruit instead of real humans. A video of a surgery on a grape was published in 2010.

Then there is this video showing the robot arms stitching up the patient after they did surgery on a grape and it is truly incredible.

The internet loved the idea of sick fruit getting the important health care they needed and thus the “they did surgery on a grape” meme was created. Twitter exploded with funny puns, hilarious jokes, and awesome “they did surgery on a grape” (TDSOAG) memes.

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Wow they did surgery on a grape

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Even brands such as Burger King and Wendy’s jumped on the “they did surgery on a grape” phenomenon to get some free publicity.

Last May, surgeons in Australia posted their surgery on a grape on Twitter. The tweet gave a behind-the-scenes look at doctors using the da Vinci Surgical System to perform an operation on a fruit. Dr. Declan Murphy, an oncologist from Melbourne, was the surgeon in the video and says that the patient’s name is “Grapey McGrapeface.”

The da Vinci Surgical System has been the source of several lawsuits in recent years because some say there are higher risks of infections and complications with patients. No word on how many grapes were harmed.

They did surgery on a grape meme is fantastic, but the big neck guy meme is head, shoulders, and neck above.

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