This Phish Kasvot Växt ‘Faceplant Into RÖKK’ Fails Compilation Is Everything Great About The Internet

Brandon Wenerd

Phish. Vegas. Halloween. Second set. A made up Scandinavian prog rock band called Kasvot Växt performing 10 tracks and nearly 90+ minutes of new music on a white, illuminated stage with floating, illuminated squares in the MGM Grand Garden Area.

If you’re reading this post, you probably don’t need my word-diarrhea about how it was probably one of the best live music moments of the year. Cass and I were there and both had our minds completely split open by the whole thing, as everyone in that room did.

Phish totally punked their fans, writing blog posts and putting on this huge stunt pretending to be a band while actually being an badass, prog rock synch band, much like the lauded-yet-fictitious Autobahn from The Big Lebowski. The prank is performance art and peak Phish being Phish.

Which leads us to this blog post. Aspiring jam band YouTuber/bacon-boofing wook Jack Abramson put the evening’s refrain – “FACEPLANT INTO ROCK” – into a glorious fails compilation. It’s the perfect mash-up.

It’s spectacular seeing people literally faceplant into RÖKK while Jon Fishman yells it. Talking about recycling the final hurrah… into your skull.

Good thing death don’t hurt very long.

Because we are come to outlive our brains, there’s no such thing as too much Kasvot Växt. Ever.

Long live Kasvot Växt.

While we’re at it, go over to All Music and read these amazing user reviews. They’re a hoot. 

… Unless you’re Melissa. There’s always a fuckin’ Melissa.

Sadly, she’s still be looking for the glue in her magnet.


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