Brooklyn Pizzeria Is Now Selling ‘Pied Pods’ — Pizza That Looks Like Tide Pods

People Eating Laundry Pods Meme


I’m still not entirely convinced that the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ is real. Part of me wants to believe that this entire crazy of teens eating tide pods is just something manufactured by the media because they’re tired of talking about Trump. But, there are news reports of people eating poisonous Tide Pods and getting sick. It’s gotten so bad that Tide is basically fighting a 24/7 PR war to stop idiot teens from eating (or vaping) Tide Pods and yes, there was some dude on Instagram who vaped Tide Pods.

Well, a ‘media-savvy Brooklyn pizzeria owner’ is seeking to capitalize on this stupid craze by releasing a new pizza that’s designed to look like Tide Pods. Sean Berthiaume, the owner of Vinnie’s Pizza in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, has created ‘Pied Pods’.

On their Instagram page, Vinnie’s Pizza says “our Pied Pods have that bright, alluring colors that youths crave BUT are 100% edible and 100% not poison.” The Pied Pods are stuffed with pepperoni and mozzarella before being baked. They’re then topped with dyed blue cheese to give them that hypnotic Tide Pod look.

“I conceived this as a way to entertain our followers online. Now people actually want them,” he said. “They sold out immediately . . . Now they’re made to order.” (via)

This is actually pretty brilliant. There are two pizza shops on every corner in NYC. If you ask someone where they get their favorite slice they’ll have 50 answers. It’s hard to stand out from the pack when you’re a pizzeria in New York and this is a great way to turn a stupid phenomenon into some easy press.

For more pictures of the Pied Pods pizza at Vinnie’s you can click that link!

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