Popular TikTok Doc Shares Several Tips And Trick To Will Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

TikTok Doctor Shares Trick That Will Help You Get A Good Nights Sleep


  • Dr. Karan Raj revealed a trick on his popular TikTok account that will help just about anyone get a good night’s sleep.
  • It’s called the “10-3-2-1” method and his video explaining how it works has now been viewed almost one million times.
  • More health news here.

Popular TikToker, Dr. Karan Raj, is back with another helpful health tip. This time with some advice on how to get a good night’s sleep.

If you are one of those people who struggle to fall and stay asleep, Dr. Raj claims something called the “10-3-2-1” method will be a life saver.

“Here’s how to sleep better with the ’10-3-2-1′ trick,” Dr. Raj begins his TikTok video. “Ten hours before bed, no more caffeine. This is how long it takes your body to clear it from the bloodstream and eliminate the stimulatory effects.

“Three hours before bed avoid big meals. This helps avoid heartburn and interrupted sleep. Also avoid alcohol, because this impairs your REM sleep.

“Two hours before bed, no work. This helps you get into a relaxed state of mind,” he continues.

“One hour before bed, no screens – that means Netflix too. Blue light inhibits melatonin production which delays sleep.”

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“10 hours? No caffeine? Someone else needs to come raise my kids because I’m not gonna be able to function,” one viewer joked.

“I can see the caffeine being tricky but surely the 3-2-1 bit are easier to follow?” Raj replied to another commenter who was concerned about the same thing.

Earlier this year, Dr. Raj shared some other sleep tips, including three things you should never do before going to bed.

“Three things you should never do before bed,” says Dr. Raj.

“One, watch a scary movie. This will increase your adrenaline, leading to high blood pressure and heart rate. You’re only go to fall asleep once you’re relaxed, so scarier the movie, the longer it’ll take you to sleep.

“Don’t sleep immediately after a heavy meal. Wait 90 minutes. That’s how long it takes your stomach to empty 50 percent of its contents into your intestines. Otherwise you’ll get acid reflux which will keep you awake.

“Don’t bring work into the bedroom,” Raj continued. “Your bed should only be for the two S’s, sleep and “sideways synchronizing swimming.” By bringing work into the bedroom you’re conditioning your brain into thinking your bed isn’t just a sleep environment.”

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In another, previous video, Dr. Raj shared three unusual tricks to help you get the best sleep of your life.

“Careful nap timings,” he begins. “Don’t nap after 4 p.m. Naps are great, but reduce your urge to sleep by reducing adenosine levels. Making you less sleepy.

“Wear a sleep mask. Darkness tells the brain to produce more melatonin to help you sleep. A sleep mask is a cheap way to eliminate as much light as possible.

“Get some light. Natural light boosts serotonin, which makes you alert. After several hours, the serotonin gets converted to melatonin. The more natural light you soak in during the day, the more melatonin at night.”


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If after all of those tips to get a better night’s sleep, you’re still struggling, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re just a vampire. Just kidding. Go see a medical professional. We all need our Zzz’s. Well, most of us do.

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