TikToker Gets Caught In McDonald’s Parking Lot Gunfight, Finishes His Cookie Before Daring Escape

Guy On TikTok Caught In A McDonalds Parking Lot Shootout Finishes His Cookie

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For some reason, people far too often find themselves bearing witness to some seriously crazy stuff when they visit a McDonald’s. I suppose it’s just the law of averages since the fast food giant serves so many customers on a daily basis.

However, it’s pretty rare to be sitting in your car in the McDonald’s parking lot, scarfing down some of the fast food chain’s delicious cookies, when a gunfight breaks out.

Which is exactly what happened this past Friday to a guy on TikTok named Tyler Newell (@tyler.newell).

Rather than immediately head for the hills once gunfire started erupting, Newell and his friend ducked for cover and began formulating their exit strategy.

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The video actually starts out pretty normal, just Newell and a buddy chilling in the car when a cop car rolls by behind them when all of the sudden shots are fired. And then a policeman with a gun enters the picture. And then another cop with a gun appears.

“Oh my f—ing gosh, dude,” Newell is then heard to say.

At this point Newell goes into full panic mode, jamming his cookie into his mouth and ducking for cover.

“In case of a shooting, always finish your cookie,” he captioned the video.

“Should I move?” Newell asks his friend as he surreptitiously rolls up the left rear window (as if that will stop a bullet). “We’re in the line of fire. We’re behind those cops. I mean…”

That’s when the Mission Impossible music hits and a WHOLE LOT MORE gunfire erupts.

Hearing that, Newell puts the car in reverse and the boys end up making their daring escape unscathed.

No wonder his TikTok video has now been viewed more than 11 million times. It’s epic AF.


In case of a shooting, always finish your cookie 😂 #fyp

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In a couple of follow-up videos (because, really, there HAD to be follow-up videos after that scene), Newell explains that he and his buddy Zach were on their way to play a round of golf when they decided to stop at Mickey D’s for some breakfast “because Zach had some coupons.”

Newell says that as he was formulating his plan to back out and leave, “The scene from Mission: Impossible came to mind when Tom Cruise was driving backwards using his backup camera, and I was like, ‘Now’s the time.'”


Reply to @chloecarbdashian

♬ original sound – TL9

“Next time we’re going to Chick-fil-A,” says Newell. “This kind of stuff never happens at Chick-fil-A. The employees would come out of the building and shield us from the bullets at Chick-fil-A.”

He’s probably not wrong.

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Reply to @tyler.newell

♬ original sound – TL9

Newell even ended up making the local news.

“Sonic commercials are getting weird,” joked someone on Reddit.

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