Tom Hanks’ Hilariously Tiny Polski Fiat 126 Is Up For Auction And The Story Of How He Acquired The Car Is Pure Gold

Tom Hanks Is Selling His Hilariously Tiny 1974 Fiat For Charity, The Story Of How He Got The Car Is Even Better

Getty Image / Christopher Polk

  • Tom Hanks’ beloved 1974 Polski Fiat 126p went up for auction to raise money for charity
  • The bid for the hilariously tiny car currently sits at $57,000
  • It turns out the story of how Hanks acquired the Fiat 126 is pure gold

Tom Hanks’ 1974 Polski Fiat 126p is live for auction right now over at Bring A Trailer. While many might have heard about Hanks’ love for collecting typewriters, he’s also a car enthusiast. Last summer, his custom 1993 Airstream trailer was auctioned off at a Bonhams event.

Now, Hanks is auctioning off his beloved Fiat 126 to raise money for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation and its Hidden Heroes Campaign. Hanks is a chair of the nonprofit that provides resources and support to military families caring for loved ones who were wounded in service.

Right now the bid sits at $57,000, which has likely already surpassed the highest price ever paid for a Fiat 126. The full sale amount of the 126 will go to the foundation.

Story of How Tom Hanks Acquired the Fiat 126

According to an article by The Drive, who likely pulled information from this article from the Polish publication Dziennik Zachodni (translates to “Western Journal”), the Fiat was gifted to Hanks by a group of Polish individuals back in 2016.

The story begins with Hanks documenting a trip to Budapest on Twitter. Throughout several of his stops, Hanks posted to Twitter photos of himself grinning next to street-parked Fiat 126s.

Hanks’ posts caught the attention of a woman by the name of Monika Jaskolska. Jaskolska was a fan of Hanks and resident of Bielsko-Biala—a town in southern Poland.

The Fiat 126 was built in the same town during communist rule, and so the car was a point of pride in the community and in its history.

What happened next was Jaskolska decided to round up a group of people to fund the purchase of a Fiat 126 to gift to Hanks.

Here is a hilarious video of what seems to be Hanks leading a convoy of Fiat 126s in Bielsko-Biala back when he received the car.

1974 Polski Fiat 126p Specs

The Fiat 126 exudes timeless Italian style. Hank’s version is finished in all white with a custom green interior. Quirky features like chrome bumpers, rectangular headlights, typewriter-key switchgear, and special badging identify the car as prime 1970s.

12-inch steelies white steelies are outfitted as the wheels, and inside the driver’s door is the signature from the man himself.

There’s also a “Bielsko-Biala for Tom Hanks” badge and a “One of One” badge that exists on the car. They were placed there when Hanks was gifted the car.

And for the engine, a rear-mounted 594cc inline-twin churns out a serious 23 HP and 29 lb-ft of torque.


The auction for Hanks’ 126 will end in the next 24 hours. We have a hunch the price will likely go over $60,000.

If you’re thinking this would be a great vehicle for Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Hanks to hop in for a Comedians in Cars, you’re not the only one.

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation sent out a tweet tagging Seinfeld, cheekily hinting he should do one last episode of the show in the tiny 126.

Fingers crossed Seinfeld responds.