Two 18-Wheelers Colliding In Arkansas Results In Hundreds Of Bottles Of Fireball Whiskey Spilling Over The Interstate

It seems like once every few months news breaks of a semi-truck overturning and spilling out enough alcohol to fulfill an Andre the Giant pregame. Recently, a truck overturned in Florida, spilling 60,000 pounds (415 12-packs) of perfectly good Busch Light onto the highway. Just weeks later, a tractor trailer plunged from an overpass in Pennsylvania and sent hundreds of kegs rolling down I-95.

Just before noon on Thursday, two 18-wheelers were involved in a collision on Interstate 40 in Arkansas, sending hundreds of bottles of Fireball Whiskey everywhere. Thankfully, the dangerous collision caused no life threatening injuries, other than several hundreds of bottles of cinnamon whiskey.

The Arkansas Department of Transportation tweeted that it is working to clean up the mess, but said “Looks like we’ll be working this for a while.”

The agency said crews used a mechanical broom to sweep the broken bottles from the road.

Authorities are looking into what caused the crash, which resulted in one truck’s cab bursting into flames. On the bright side, at least the people of Arkansas’ hangovers will be slightly more manageable tomorrow morning.

[h/t Fox News]


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