Shut It Down, This Two-Year-Old Has Already Won Halloween, Is Freaking Out The Internet

Two-Year-Old Girl Halloween Costume


Halloween, as holidays go, is a tremendous spectator sport. Other than St. Patrick’s Day there really isn’t a good holiday where you can just sit back and watch the action unfold throughout the day.

It’s one of those days where you don’t even have to participate, at all, and yet you can still get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. Bonus if someone does something that freaks out the internet, as is the case on this All Hallows’ Eve with a tiny two-year-old girl who’s costume is creeping people out online.

Meet Maya from Southbay Village, Philippines and her headless Halloween costume. (Definitely click the video.)

That’s her cool older sister dressed up as a butcher, by the way. And in case you were wondering what Maya does with her trick-or-treating candy since her hands are busy “holding” her head and not a bag, watch this…

And as cool as that is, this next photo might be even better. In fact, it is.

Yeah, she went a little bit viral.

Love it.

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