‘UFO Sounds’ Recorded Under Frozen Lake By Parks Service Spawn Alien Base Conspiracies

UFO Sounds Recorded Under Frozen Lake By Parks And Wildlife Service

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  • A recording made by a staff member with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service has UFO and alien conspiracy theorists in overdrive.
  • The employee who recorded the audio said something was making “strange Star Wars sounds” below the surface of a frozen lake in Steamboat Springs.
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As we all know by now, there are really only three types of locations being used as bases for aliens who are visiting planet Earth: volcanoes (especially if they are active), the moon (preferably the dark side), and underwater.

That’s certainly not new.

What is new, however, is a recording made by a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service employee in Steamboat Springs last week.

The recording, which the employee shared to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service Twitter account and was picked up by local media, reveals what appears to be mysterious “UFO sounds.”

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According to prolific UFO and alien expert Scott C. Waring, who analyzed the audio on his website, “White sphere UFOs have been recorded and eyewitnesses by thousand of residents of Colorado over the last few years.

“The signals point to there being an alien base deep below the lake, which amplifies the sounds below due to it being frozen…it acts like an amplifier.

“Alien bases are never small. Most are 3-6km deep and cover an area of about 5km and even have their own weather system…with chances of rain,” Waring continues.

“This is 100% proof of an alien base below this lake in Colorado.

“But…if signals can travel up from the alien base, then it would also work to send signals back down to the base. A loud enough speaker placed in a dug out 1 meter deep ice hole at the center of the lake would be sufficient to send them a sonic signal.

“But…what would you say? In the wrong hands, it could cause an alien military response.”

Good point. We certainly don’t want that to happen.

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This is far from the first time that sounds from an alien base were discovered beneath a frozen lake.

Some people believe that the unusual “UFO sounds” are nothing more than high frequencies created by the shifting of the ice.

But we all know that’s not what is causing them, right?

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