Fisherman Pulls Up Deep Sea Mystery Creature Dubbed The ‘Ugliest Fish’ Ever Seen

Fisherman Pulls Up Deep Sea Mystery Creature Dubbed The 'Ugliest Fish' Ever Seen

iStockphoto / deyanarobova

  • A deep sea/offshore fisherman from Australia has the fishing world talking with what he’s dubbed the ‘ugliest fish’ ever seen.
  • Some people believe the mystery fish is a malformed and misshapen blob fish.
  • This wild looking sea monster is a reminder that the ocean is home to some of the strangest-looking creatures on planet earth.

A fisherman from the town of Bermagui in New South Wales, Australia has the fishing world talking. He recently shared a photograph of what he’s called the ‘ugliest fish’ ever seen and many people, myself included, aren’t disagreeing with him.

The fisherman who caught the ‘ugliest fish’ ever seen goes by @trapman_bermagui on Instagram and other social media. And from what I can tell, he crushes it down under. Th town of Bermagui is 240 miles south of Sydney and prime fishing grounds for tuna and other pelagic species.

Comments on Instagram seem to suggest it’s some species of anglerfish though nobody’s seemed to gain a consensus on which species. Just check this sea monster out and tell me this isn’t the ugliest fish you’ve ever seen…

Fisherman Pulls Up Deep Sea Mystery Creature Dubbed The ‘Ugliest Fish’ Ever Seen

My rational brain is telling me this deep sea fish poses no threat to me or any other human being alive. But my eyes are telling my brain to ignore those thoughts and never go swimming in the saltwater again. And that poses a problem because it’s the 4th of July weekend and I’ll be on a boat for a huge chunk of the coming days.

Here are some other epic fish caught by @trapman_bermagui shared on Instagram.

I’m sitting here wondering if I caught a swordfish this small if I’d even tell people I caught a swordfish. Does one this tiny even count if you’re checking off species from your ultimate fishing bucket list?

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