Verzuz Battle Gets Extremely Tense When Gucci Mane Bragged About Killing Jeezy’s Friend To His Face On Livestream

Things got pretty tense during the much anticipated Gucci-Jeezy battle on Thursday night.

In the middle of the Verzuz battle Gucci bragged about killing Jeezy’s friend Pookie Loc which led to Jeezy to stop the battle for a minute so that they can he give a speech about how they were there for the culture and not to beef.

Back in 2005, Jeezy associate Pookie Loc and three other men broke into Gucci’s home and allegedly began attacking him. As the story goes, Gucci shot Pookie Loc before the men fled. Pookie Loc was later found dead at a nearby elementary school and Gucci was charged with Loc’s murder, but the charges were later dropped because the state felt there was insufficient evidence to prosecute him.

It seems like things had settled down by the end of the Verzuz battle as the two sang “So Icy” together to close the stream.

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