Video Allegedly Shows Dead ‘Alien’ Found In A Bolivian Village After A UFO Landing

alien bolivia video


Villagers in Bolivia claim they witnessed a UFO landing and several miniature aliens running around before one of them died and then vanished.

The alleged alien video was taken in the rural village of Huarina, in the La Paz region of Bolivia.

Indy 100 reports, “Two nights before the dead alien was found in the gutter, residents filmed an eerie green light in the night sky that they believed was an alien spacecraft.

“They claimed they then witnessed numerous figures running around the dark streets.”

Villagers said the aliens they saw were very small and compared them to goblins.

“They were miniature beings, like those little people who appear to children,” said local resident Rita Marquez.

Supposedly local authorities asked villagers to not speak about the alleged alien visit and will reportedly be carrying out an investigation.

UFO expert Juan Carlos Aliaga is also involved in the investigation and he said he got involved after “they sent me photos of what it was… this being, curled up.”

A local news report revealed the footage that has caused such a stir in the area.

Last month, documentary filmmaker James Fox revisited a similar incident which was alleged to have occurred in Brazil called The Varginha Incident, or Brazil’s Roswell.

In that case, several witnesses claimed to have seen alien creatures and experienced numerous UFO sightings over a period of multiple days.

There, an alien-like creature was allegedly found lying on the side of a road and was reportedly picked up by three military vehicles.

Witnesses claimed that two of these alien-like creatures were taken to a clinic for examination.

The Brazilian military claimed that all people saw was a homeless, mentally unstable man. They also claimed their military trucks were in the area as part of their normal schedule and the reported aliens in the hospital were nothing more than an expectant couple who had dwarfism.

However, one aanonymous whistleblower claims he was involved in transporting the body of a creature from Humanitas Hospital in Varginha to ESA Army Base.

“There were doctors, people carrying clipboards, analyzing. It looked like they all seemed scared of it,” he claimed. “And when I looked I saw something different — a different creature, with the skin very oily, a lot of oil, like silicone. Seeing that I got scared,” adding, “What led me to believe that it wasn’t a human being was the [V-shaped] foot.”

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