Walgreens Cashier Makes Critical Mistake Of Getting Between Karen And Her Mid-Day Wine Drunk

Chris Evans / Twitter

DID YOU KNOW that for every order of Ranchero’s Chicken Tacos sent back to the Chili’s kitchen, two Karens are born in the United States.

A recent study done by the Society for Middle-Aged Bob Cuts found that by 2030, Karens will have infiltrated into every classroom, airliner, and P.F. Chang’s in America, surpassing the growing population mass of Guys Who Wear Lululemon in just two short years.

These dangerous Karen In The Wild videos are beginning to rear their highlighted heads more frequently, brandishing hoop earrings and oversized Tweety bird shirts.

An incident that recently popped off on the r/PublicFreakout subreddit could not have encapsulated the essence of Karen more if it married to a guy who bites a ball gag against his will in the bedroom.

She has been universally dubbed “AmEx Karen.”

Not to be #TeamKaren here because I know I could easily become her next victim, but is it really necessary to ID her? Everyone in town knows she’s the only graduate from the Class of ’78 still active on the class’s Facebook group page and upon graduation enrolled in beautician school before dropping to have her first son Travis.

Unfortunately, her failed adolescent dreams to become the town’s preeminent beautician has bred a bitter adult. She’s not angry, she’s just sad.

I guess it’s true what they say: Don’t judge someone until you walked a mile in their thong sandals.