Meet The Wealthiest People In Cryptocurrency, Including One Who Could Become The First Trillionaire

by 1 year ago
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In keeping up with the times, Forbes recently released a new list for them, ranking the world’s richest people in cryptocurrency. According to them, at the time of their list there are 19 people in the world who are worth more than $350 million based on their cryptocurrency holdings.

A majority of the people on Forbes’ list are the founders and creators of either the largest cryptocurrencies such as Ripple and Ethereum, or exchange platforms like Coinbase and Binance.

The rest of the list is mostly made up of early investors, founders of lesser-known cryptocurrencies and owners of successful mining operations.

Chris Larson, CEO and Founder of Ripple (XRP), is the largest owner of cryptocurrency in the world (he owns 5.2 billion XRP). As a result, Larson’s total crypto assets are potentially worth billions of dollars more than anyone else on the list.

What’s even more staggering about Larson owning 5.2 billion XRP is that if Ripple ever reaches the prices we’ve seen for Bitcoin or even Ethereum he will become the richest person in the world (by a lot) and could even become the world’s very first trillionaire.

Interestingly, but not completely unexpected, the average age of the 19 richest people in cryptocurrency is only 42. By comparison, the average age of those on the Forbes 400 list is 25 years higher at 67-years-old. And while two of the world’s top billionaires are women, all of the richest cryptocurrency people are men.

As we have seen numerous times, cryptocurrency has a tendency to be somewhat volatile. Also, new cryptocurrencies and exchanges are almost constantly being introduced (with less than stellar success), so these rankings are always in flux and by 2019 could feature a completely different list of names (Steven Seagal probably won’t be on the list though).

Until then you can get to know the current 18 richest people in crypto a little better by checking out the very informative graphic below created by the folks over at

Happy investing! And good luck.