The Internet Is Fighting Over The Meaning Of ‘IMHO’ And One Side Is Obviously Very Wrong

What Is The Meaning Of IMHO


What is the meaning of IMHO? Think you know what it stands for? What if I said that around half the internet disagrees with you? Because they do.

Also, to settle another debate before it gets started, IMHO is an abbreviation, not an acronym. (An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.)

That out of the way, we all know that IMHO stands for “In My Honest Opinion,” right?


Wait, what’s that? Humble?

Nononono. The H stands for “honest,” I don’t care what “experts” like Merriam-Webster or a glossary from a 1986 PC Magazine that The Atlantic found.

And I don’t care if all of these old-timey sources also say the H stands for “humble:” 1990’s The Macintosh Way and Inside Compuserve, 1991’s The First Book of the Mac, 1996’s More Modems for Dummies, 1996’s The Internet Complete Reference, and 1999’s Teach Yourself the Internet for Students.

Well, that’s a little harsh.

This is starting to get out of hand.

No kidding.

Now, with that completely not settled at all, can we get back to what the correct pronounciation of “GIF” is?

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