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What Millennials Need To Know About Hair Loss Prevention

Let’s begin with a riddle.

As you age, what’s one thing that’s hard to keep and nearly impossible to acquire?

If you answered ‘hair,’ you have not properly explored the magic of Keeps, thus I award you no points. The correct answer is, of course, friends.

Today, that changes.

Meet Alan.

Alan is now our friend—at least digitally, and for the remaining three minutes it takes to read this article. Still, small wins are still wins.

Alan is a 30-year-old software engineer living in the city making over $100,000. He’s a confident, yet humble bachelor who enjoys a cold brewski from time-to-time on the patio of his well-manicured apartment.

While Alan passes the vibe check across the board, he’s consistently beset by one distressing issue that’s beginning to affect his self-confidence: the thinning of what once was a dense, luscious mane.

From Alan himself:

“I’m starting to notice some thinning and I want to get ahead of it, but I don’t want to seem superficial. I don’t want to try a thousand different products and I can’t tell the difference between all the ads I see online. I’m committed to the journey if I know the product works.”

Alan, as your friends, we’re compelled to tell you that you are very much not alone—2 out of 3 guys start losing their hair by age 35, with an estimated 35 million American men experiencing this phenomenon right now.

We’re also obliged to inform you about Keeps, a telehealth service that delivers FDA-approved treatment straight to your door, specific to your unique hair situation.

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As someone who’s been victimized by many well-placed targeted ads, I know all too well how aesthetically-pleasing marketing and hollow jargon can cover for a sub-par product.

So let’s just address the only two questions that matter to Alan: Does it work and is it worth it?

Does Keeps Work?

FACT: Keeps treatments are 90% effective at stopping hair loss and 66% of men experience regrowth in as little as 4-6 months with consistent use.

Alan, I’m not sure how much arithmetic is used in software engineering and I can’t speak for the reader, but from my desk, those look like pretty promising numbers. I also need my phone calculator to determine every restaurant bill I’ve ever received, but those are my demons.

Now that we’ve established the answer to the most significant question, let’s address the only other question of importance for our friend Alan.

Is Keeps Worth It?

While Alan prefers to keep his hair, he’d rather not obsess over something as natural as hair loss if the cost of both time and money doesn’t warrant it. And, like, sitting in a doctor’s waiting room office reading teen magazines from the Y2K era to address this sort of thing is far from ideal.

Hey Al, if that’s what your friends call you, Keeps is elite in both cost and convenience.

Cost: The cost is less than HALF the cost of buying at a traditional pharmacy.

Convenience: Keeps offers a free online consultation so you can connect directly to a licensed doctor from home. The entire process from sign-up to product-in-your-hand typically takes one week or less, and does not require you to put on pants.

Get 50% off your first three months of Keeps when you sign up now.


Alan, reader, it appears our friendship is coming to an end. I hope I was able to empower you to take control of your hair situation and alleviate some of that stress you’ve been carrying around. Let me know if you want to crush some cold ones in the future, new friends are hard to come by nowadays.