10 Of The Most Common Nightmares, Including Being Naked In Public, And What They Really Mean

What Most Common Nightmares Mean


You know what the funny thing about nightmares is? A lot of the time what you are dreaming about actually means something completely different. Not always, but it happens more often than you might think.

For example, did you know that a nightmare about spiders is often not actually about spiders? People who study this sort of thing say dreams about spiders can be related to feeling like an outsider, wanting to stay away from something, an overbearing mother figure, or feeling manipulated.

So with that in mind, the folks over at Alltime10s put together a little video which explains the real meanings of 10 of the most common nightmares.

The nightmare topics they cover include…

• Being naked in public
• The end of the world
• The feeling of falling
• Robbery-related dreams
• Not being able to find a toilet
• Kidnapping
• Being chased
• Being unprepared for an exam
• Your teeth falling out
• Murder

How many of those have you experienced? Chances are you’ve dreamed about at least a couple of them. The good news is, like I said, most of the time the subjects of these nightmares are not to be taken literally.

Watch the video below for a complete explanation of each type of nightmare.

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