‘Williamsburg Or Gettysburg’ People Try To Guess Where The Beard’s From Based On Photos

‘Williamsburg or Gettysburg’. It’s a game where the audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live attempts to guess if someone’s beard is from colonial Gettysburg or modern-day Williamsburg. The photos all have the same old-timey filter on them to disguise whether or not the photograph is modern or ancient.

I’m going to be honest with you bros, I didn’t get a single one of these questions right. Somehow, the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience in Brooklyn nailed the questions. I was only able to correctly guess 2 of the beards, one of which was a mustache. I guess I never lived in Williamsburg and I’m not as intimately familiar with the local flora and fauna as the locals. Over on my neighborhood of SoHo, you didn’t find too many beards on the locals.

Even still, I spend a shit ton of time over in Williamsburg and like to think that I’m just as good as some random audience at guessing whether a picture is hundreds of years old or taken on the street just yesterday.

Honestly, I’m going to be bummed when Jimmy Kimmel Live wraps up their week in Brooklyn tonight. It’s let to some great sketches throughout the week, including but not limited to ‘New Yorkers Share Their Most Horrifying Subway Stories‘ and this interview with David Letterman. I didn’t share this video in an article, but I think you’ll bros enjoy this Billy Joel performance: