Guy Wins His SECOND $1 Million Lottery Prize In 4 Years Playing Scratchers

Guy Wins His SECOND 1 Million Lottery Prize In 4 Years


  • A man in Massachusetts won $1 million playing a scratch-off lottery ticket.
  • This was the second time in four years he has won $1 million playing the lottery.
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Seriously, why does this keep happening? Why do people who have already won hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, keep winning even more money playing the lottery?

Now we’ve got a guy in Massachusetts winning a one million dollar prize playing a scratch-off ticket, FOR THE SECOND TIME IN FOUR YEARS!

Stephen Toto of Framingham recently won a $1 million prize in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s The Fastest Road to $1 Million instant ticket game, reports the Massachusetts State Lottery.

Toto told Massachusetts State Lottery officials that he wasn’t planning on buying a scratch-off ticket that day at the A-1 Gulf store in Framingham.

When Toto got to the counter, however, he decided to heck with it and went ahead and bought a $30 The Fastest Road to $1 Million scratch-off ticket.

That ticket ended up being a one million dollar winner.

Cool story, until you read this… “Toto was already familiar with the process for claiming a lottery jackpot, after winning $1 million from a $4,000,000 Payout scratch-off ticket in 2017.”

Amazing. The odds of winning the top prize in one of these lottery games is already astronomical, but winning the top prize twice? In four years? That should literally be impossible. Yet here we are again.

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This time around Toto opted to take the lump sum option and walked away with a cool $650,000 before taxes.

I mean, I get it. You’re allowed to play the lottery as many times as you want, but when people like this Stephen Toto win a million bucks, then four years later win another million dollars, it just doesn’t really seem fair, does it?

At least if that were the case, perhaps we would have more feelgood stories like the guy in Michigan who won $2 million playing a scratch-off lottery ticket a year after losing everything he owned in a flood.