25-Year-Old Woman Fined $106,000, Gets Lifetime Ban For ‘Dangerous Behavior’ On Flight That Scrambled 2 Jet Fighters (VIDEO)

Chloe Haines, 25, was accused by British airline Jet2 of a “catalog of aggressive, abusive and dangerous behavior,” including “attempting to open the aircraft doors,” aboard the London-to-Dalaman flight.

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During a long international flight, you simply want a smooth ride, no babies screaming, and some decent movies to pass the time. You don’t want a fellow passenger attempting to storm the cockpit while yelling “I’ll kill you all!” And you definitely don’t want your plane to get diverted after being intercepted by two jet fighters. But this was the terrifying situation that passengers of one flight found themselves in after a 25-year-old woman turned completely unhinged mid-flight.

A Jet2 airliner was flying from the Stansted Airport in London, England to Dalaman, Turkey, but one passenger went insane about 45 minutes into the flight. Chloe Haines reportedly attempted to storm the cockpit while screaming “I’ll kill you all!”

Haines, a Costa Coffee worker who was traveling with her wheelchair-bound grandmother, then attempted to open the emergency exit door in the middle of the flight. “Luckily there were two cabin crew there who pulled her off the door,” Amy Varol, who sat two rows behind Haines, told the Sun. “She started assaulting the two crew members, a woman and a man.”

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“A big guy then literally threw her down to the floor and there was one person holding one arm and another person holding the other,” Varol said. “Then a man sat on her and one person was holding her leg and someone else holding the other one. That’s when she started screaming, ‘Get off me, I’m going to kill everyone!’”

Steven Brown, a former bouncer who helped take down the 25-year-old woman, said she had “super strength.” “She was only petite but she had the strength of a fully grown man,” Brown said. “The only time I’ve seen anything like that was when someone had just dropped acid, she had super strength.” Chloe was eventually restrained by several brave passengers.

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“The stewards gave her several chances and did the best they could before she became abusive and then made a dash for the cockpit and had to be restrained by staff and passengers,” Brown, said. “We had to turn round and police removed her off the plane.”

Pilots reported the scary hijacking attempt to the authorities and two Royal Air Force Typhoon fighters were scrambled to intercept the Airbus 321 in case it was an act of terrorism. On their rushed trip to the plane, the jet fighters broke the sound barrier that caused a sonic boom and caused many people on the ground to think that there was an explosion.

The jet fighters escorted the airliner back to Stansted Airport where Chloe was arrested. The deranged woman from Berkshire was charged with suspicion of common assault, criminal damage and endangering an aircraft. Chloe was released on bail.

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Jet2 has since fined Haines for $106,000 and banned her for life from flying with the British air travel company. The fine is to pay for “operating costs, airport charges and passenger welfare costs” after some were given hotels for the inconvenient flight turnaround that happened on June 22. The company said they would “vigorously pursue” recuperating the lost money.

Jet2 said Haines had a “catalog of aggressive, abusive and dangerous behavior,” including “attempting to open the aircraft doors.” Steve Heapy, the CEO of Jet2 said, “Haines’ behavior was one of the most serious cases of disruptive passenger behavior that we have experienced.”

“She must now face up to the consequences of her actions, and we will vigorously pursue to recover the costs that we incurred as a result of this divert, as we do with all disruptive passengers,” Heapy told the Sun.

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