Woman Takes 7 MINUTES To Pull Out Of Parking Space Smashes Car Next To Her, Drives Off Like It’s NBD

If you have spent any significant amount of time on the internet then you more than likely have run across videos and stories of people with absolutely no ability, and in some cases, no desire, to properly park a car.

And while driving your car completely into a swimming pool while practicing parking might be the worst attempt to park we’ve ever seen, at least the only car that was damaged was the one the lady was driving.

Which was certainly NOT the case with this woman in Morris Plains, New Jersey who took SEVEN MINUTES trying to back her car out of a parking spot on September 20, according to ViralHog.

Several observations…

1. SEVEN MINUTES?! Actually it was MORE than seven minutes. That’s just how long this guy was filming her.

2. How hard is it to back a tiny Ford Focus hatchback out of a parking space?

3. She had obviously already hit the car to her left prior to the video being shot.

4. We know this because we see her make the weakest effort ever to put the hubcap back on the other car’s wheel.

5. After smashing into the car for a SECOND TIME, she actually got out, grabbed some sort of cleaning fluid and a rag and TRIED TO BUFF OUT the damage! What?!

6. After “cleaning” the damaged fender, she makes ANOTHER less than half-hearted attempt to replace the hubcap.

7. When she finally DOES get herself semi-backed out of the space, she doesn’t know how to turn the wheel so she can exit the parking lot without hitting any other cars.

8. And finally, after all that, SHE JUST DRIVES OFF LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!

Who is this person?! How has she been able to function in society this long? How on Earth is she allowed to have a driver’s license? What is WRONG with her?

Get ready to be infuriated.

Someone PLEASE call the Brazlian Military Police and hook them up with this woman.

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