Woman, Furious Over Red Lobster Refund Policy, Tries To Fight Everyone


Head on over to Red Lobster for a delicious $6 lobster + steak combo. It’s the Jos. A Bank of seafood. Don’t forget your receipt though, like Kathy Hill here. Everyone knows Red Lobster maintains one the strictest refund policies in the budget lobster game.

What a fight this was. Thanks to the intrepid, daring reporting of @iGrowCannabis, we have a boots-on-the-ground view of this terrific scuffle. What’s more, Kathy Hill does a terrific job of identifying herself LOUD AND CLEAR, her name ringing out across the internet for all to hear. Don’t send Bruce Buffer to do a Kathy Hill job, I say.

The problem for Kathy Hill is that her hair is the perfect texture for gripping. I wish I could bottle that stuff to use on my golf clubs in inclement weather. Have you ever seen grippier hair? Good lord, it’s exactly what you want if your truck ever gets stuck in a bog. Sure enough, the lady in the blue shirt saw her window and once she got hold, it was like NHL players who have each other’s jerseys even after the refs have stepped in. Good luck pulling her off, team; everyone knows you don’t let go of hair like that until you’re back to your resting heart rate.

What happened to white tee-shirt dude at 1:24? Looked like he was about to throw hands. Did he take his bib off? Is that the Red Lobster employee equivalent to dudes who take their shirts off to fight? He looked MAD. Fortunately he collected himself and went back to uncoupling the human centipede that had formed, but at least we know who’s who for next time.

Solid scuffle. Good accents. Pants stayed up. All around, this was a gentlewomen’s disagreement—entirely expected as restaurants navigate their tense reopenings. Something tells me Kathy Hill will have to take her talents to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for the remainder of her life, but worse things have happened to better people. Well handled, Red Lobster!