Woman On Twitter Claims It’s ‘Tacky’ To Eat Free Restaurant Bread Right Away – 360,000 People Disagree

Woman Claims Its Tacky To Eat Free Restaurant Bread Right Away


Have you ever in your life heard that it is poor manners to eat the free bread served at some restaurants as soon as it arrives at your table?

Because I have never heard of that being a thing in my entire life.

Neither has almost everyone else, aparently.

We know this today because a woman on Twitter posted the following tweet, with a poll…

“Had this argument in a gc but I wanna know the truth,” she wrote. “Isn’t it very tacky for somebody to eat the free bread as soon as you get it?”

As of this writing, her simple yes or no poll has received a whopping 368,744 votes. 358,788 of them responded “no.”

I don’t have any official numbers to back me up on this, but that might be the most wrong a single person has ever been documented to be on the internet.

I mean, you have to REALLY hit a nerve to make almost 360,000 people take time out of their day to vote against your opinion when you only have 1,663 followers.

It’s truly impressive.

Perhaps more impressive is the fact that even after tens of thousands of people on the internet disagreed with her, she was still trying to state her case.

“You should wait five minutes before reaching for the bread. If you that hungry you should’ve had a pregame meal,” she tweeted.

“I’d eat the warm bread even if it was my husbands funeral luncheon – nothing is too serious for bread,” accurately stated another commenter.

Eventually she succumbed to the masses… sort of.

“To my 3% … thank you for riding so hard against the tackiness!” she wrote in her final thoughts on the matter.

“We understand that restaurants are for socializing, fast-food are for eating ASAP.”

She’s sticking to her guns and you almost have to respect it. Almost.

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